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To Start:
You can simply flip through the pages by clicking and dragging the corners of the pages, as you would do with a print publication.  When you come to a page that you want to read, simply click anywhere on the page to zoom in.


The search tool will allow you to search through all of the text of the publication.  Simply click on the search icon to expand the feature and then enter your keyword and click search.  You will then be given all of the results that match the keyword.  There will be a link at the end of each result that will allow you to jump automatically to that page.

Click on the print icon to see a thumbnail of every page within the publication.  You can choose specific pages to print by clicking on the checkbox beside each page or you can choose to print the current pages.

Finally the exit option will allow you to close the digital edition and return to your starting point.

For Marketing or catalog related questions, contact: [email protected]